Mesos monitoring

Monitor your Mesos clusters. Optimize container management with full operational insights.

Optimize container resource management

Mesos provides a rock-solid infrastructure layer for container-based microservices. Using real-time usage data from Dynatrace, you can now better optimize your container deployments and memory allocation.

Dynatrace provides deep visibility into cluster metrics and deployed applications.

  • Mesos metrics are available out-of-the-box.
  • Containers and applications are automatically detected and monitored.
Dynatrace automatically detects new Docker containers and Amazon EC2 instances with no additional configuration. This makes Dynatrace a perfect fit for our needs.

Understand the cause of failing microservices

Manually hunting down elusive performance problems in highly distributed systems can be a time-consuming process. Dynatrace is the only solution capable of automatically pinpointing application and infrastructure issues in seconds using artificial intelligence.

  • Dynatrace tells you where and why highly distributed applications break down.
  • Stop spending time hunting for problems and focus on fixing them.

Discover service dependencies and streamline container co-location

Optimize the configuration of Marathon applications groups with new insights into cross-service communication. Dynatrace identifies related containers and automatically visualizes all dependencies throughout your entire application environment.

  • Self-learning capabilities automatically discover your application environment end-to-end without configuration.
  • All services and hosts are automatically visualized in an interactive topology map.

If you aren’t already using Dynatrace to monitor your entire stack, sign up today and try Mesos monitoring for free!

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