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Autonomous cloud

Accelerate IT transformation to NoOps

The Autonomous Cloud is the transformation of IT from manual operations to autonomous, NoOps cloud operations. This brings AI and advanced automation for DevOps practices and cloud native environments to achieve continuous software delivery pipelines and automated operations.

Dynatrace autonomous cloud

Microservices & containers

Tame your dynamic environment

Dynatrace automatically and continuously maps the dependencies of your entire environment, no matter how complex.


Release better software, faster

Build an unbreakable delivery pipeline and enable self-healing so you can spend more time innovating and less time troubleshooting.

Dynatrace biz dev ops illustration
Iot car

IoT monitoring

See it all, from the edge to the core

Complete observability from end device through to the application layer, and all the underlying infrastructure.

Dynatrace digital experience solutions background

Digital experience

Deliver perfect software experiences

Capture every user journey through their eyes—every click, tap, swipe—so that you can ensure the perfect digital experience every single time.

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