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Webinar Mar 1, 2022 05:00-06:00 pm CET

Observability Clinic: Kubernetes managed by Davis

Kubernetes is a platform to build your platform is what Kelsey Hightower famously said. It’s a good start but not the endgame. To build a platform you need observability that scales like you scale your K8s clusters and nodes to handle the additional workload requirements from your application teams.

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Webinars on demand


Dynatrace for Log4Shell

The Log4Shell vulnerability can be exploited to execute any command on Java applications using the Apache Log4j v2 library, which is commonly deployed in most organizations. Please join us for a live webinar on how to use Dynatrace Application Security to rapidly identify if you are exposed to Log4Shell and what to do about it.


New Research on Government IT Modernization: Opportunities for 2022 On-demand

Newly published research of 300 federal government employees reveals good and less-good news about the state of both Civilian and Defense agency IT modernization. Cloud adoption is finally accelerating, with cloud computing topping the list of investment expenditures projected for next 12-18 months.


Application Security Webinar: Innovate faster and more securely, with always on, automated vulnerability assessment for your SDLC


Performance Clinic: Dynatrace Extensions 2.0: Expanding Dynatrace to your external data

We will give you a detailed introduction to the Extension 2.0 framework architecture, best practices and give hands-on examples on how Dynatrace users can leverage this extension capability.


Performance Clinic: Automating SLOs as Code from Ops to Dev with Dynatrace

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are gaining a lot of traction amongst DevOps and SRE Teams as they are used to hold them accountable when deploying and operating applications and services.


Performance Clinic: Automated root cause detection for external data sources with Dynatrace Davis AIOps

Dynatrace Davis was always in unique position for automated root cause analysis due to the rich high-fidelity data (metrics, logs, events) and contextual topology information (Smartscape) captured by Dynatrace OneAgent.

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