Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) at Dynatrace

Our commitment to a more sustainable future through transparency and accountability.

Our programs

We're committed to making a positive global impact today and will continue to assess and enhance our ESG strategy and disclosures to meet the needs of our stakeholders moving forward.

Here’s where we are, and where we’re headed.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our people are our most valued asset, and our focus on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment drives our culture and helps us attract, maintain, and invest in the development of our employees.

Our priorities

Diversity & inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to our mission to provide software intelligence to simplify modern cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation.

Innovation is integral to our sustainable success at Dynatrace. Because we recognize that unique perspectives and individual life experiences will foster creativity and agility, we endeavor to create a supportive environment that allows everyone to contribute and perform to their maximum potential. We all share an unquenchable curiosity, which continuously drives us to innovate and push boundaries.

We’re committed to a workplace where all employees and customers feel valued and respected. We welcome diversity in all forms whether it be gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability, and more. We strive to create an inclusive culture where individuality is valued and integrity is deeply embedded in everything we do.

To further our goal of being a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace we have launched a team dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including but not limited to establishing hiring goals focused on increasing Black, Indigenous, and people of color representation company-wide, and anti-racism training for employees and managers.

In addition, we continue to establish active new employee resource groups, or “Dynaspaces” including Dynaspace for Women and the Dynatrace for Black Employees. These groups provide resources, programs, and safe spaces for our employees to bring their authentic selves to work.

Recruiting & retention

We’re committed to attracting and retaining a diverse and talented group of individuals by nurturing an environment of teamwork, collaboration, and continuous feedback.

The industry is rapidly evolving, and staying on the forefront means giving employees opportunities for personal and professional development. From sales training to technical, software, and skills education – online or in-person – we’re committed to providing clear paths to growth.

See our Careers page for a description of all our core values and a list of current opportunities

Community involvement

Giving back is in our DNA. Dynatrace employees have the opportunity to participate in our volunteer paid time-off program and work with charitable organizations they’re passionate about. Additionally, our regional office locations host volunteer days with valued local organizations.

For more information about our commitment to preserving human rights and the dignity of all people, read our Human Rights Policy (PDF).

Environmental sustainability

Minimizing our carbon footprint is important to our customers, employees, and shareholders. We’re committed to protecting the environment by monitoring and managing our business operations to better understand and continuously improve our impact on the environment.

Our priorities

Recycling IT equipment

We strive to reuse or recycle 100% of our corporate IT equipment (computers, phones, etc.) across all our global office locations, and follow international guidelines for disposal of electronic waste. Asset recycling is completed through our third-party vendor, Dell Technologies, whose asset recovery services follow all local guidelines for asset disposal.

LEED-certified offices

Several of our office locations, including our Waltham, MA headquarters, are powered by 100% renewable energy. All our office space is leased, and in retaining office space we prioritize space in LEED certified buildings (or a local equivalent). We’re also investigating additional ways to prioritize clean energy, reduce water usage, and increase the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices.

An internal analysis is currently underway to:

  1. Assess our current state by identifying key environmental initiatives and areas of improvement that will have the most impact.
  2. Create a roadmap of goals and a timeline to achieve them.

Minimizing our footprint

August 1, 2021 marks our second anniversary as a public company. Fiscal 2022 will represent our baseline year. We'll begin calculating our carbon footprint to understand the impact of our offices around the globe to enable us to share additional information in Fiscal 2023.

We welcome our employees globally to help us improve our environmental performance. We will periodically communicate our goals and report on our progress.

Corporate governance

We built our business with honesty and integrity at the core, and know that comprehensive governance is a critical factor in ensuring long-term success.

Our priorities

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our culture of integrity starts with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (PDF) (the “Code”) that summarizes the ethical standards we hold all employees, directors, and officers to.

We review our Codes on an annual basis. All employees receive the Code upon joining Dynatrace and complete an annual training and acknowledgment process.

Corporate Governance Committee

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors has oversight over Dynatrace’s ESG efforts, as reflected in its committee charter.

For more information, please visit our Corporate Governance site.

Data security and privacy

Keeping our customers’ data (and that of their customers) protected is critically important. It’s why we continuously evolve our technology and invest in data protection, including certification to relevant industry standards for data security and privacy. See how on our Security page.



Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
The ethical standards we hold ourselves to.

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Corporate Governance Guidelines
The structures and procedures of our Board of Directors.

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Human Rights Policy
We respect human rights and the dignity of all people.**

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