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Autonomous Cloud

Accelerate IT transformation to NoOps, innovate faster and deliver better business outcomes.

Overcome accelerating cloud scale and complexity

DevOps teams are challenged by the gap between limited IT resources and the growing complexity of cloud native environments. This makes managing dynamic microservices architectures particularly difficult to scale with a manual approach. There is a better way with Autonomous Cloud.

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What is Autonomous Cloud?

The Autonomous Cloud is the transformation of IT from manual operations to autonomous, NoOps cloud operations. This brings AI and advanced automation for DevOps practices and cloud native environments to achieve continuous software delivery pipelines and automated operations.

Precise AI and advanced automation enable movement to Autonomous Cloud

Successful DevOps teams embark on the path to NoOps by automating CI/CD pipelines and cloud operations, enabled by the Dynatrace software intelligence platform with explainable AI at the core to identify anomalies with precise root-cause and trigger automatic self-healing actions.

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Simplify the DevOps journey with automation and AI

Cloud Automation, powered by Keptn, provides the automation and orchestration of the processes and tools needed for continuous delivery and automated operations for cloud-native environments. It is a pluggable control plane that integrates with your existing DevOps ecosystem.

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Automation in the cloud means faster deployments, higher quality products.
Lynn Arnold SVP of Quality Assurance Services at Keybank

Go faster from Autonomous Cloud vision to implementation with ACE

The Autonomous Cloud Enablement (ACE) practice works with IT organizations to create an autonomous cloud strategic vision, identify where to get started, provide hands-on expertise along the journey, and deliver rapid, meaningful automation services engagements to deliver unbreakable delivery pipelines and NoOps cloud operations.

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Customers on the journey to Autonomous Cloud need more than just technical execution, they also need a transformation in DevOps thinking and alignment.
Andrew Hittle SVP, Chief Customer Officer at Dynatrace