APM for telecommunications

For telecommunication companies, downtime can be detrimental to the business. As internet and mobile usage increases, telecommunication companies look to keep up with the demand for speed and availability. Digital experience enhances the customer experience.

Digital customer experience meets business intelligence

The separation between you and your competitors can literally be seconds, which makes customer experience a top priority in today's digital age. Dynatrace gives you the ability to see applications the way your customers do and provides insights to stay competitive in today’s market.

  • Monitor, analyze and optimize customer experience with an enhanced 360 view of every single user journey
  • Critical business data and understanding of how your application performance impacts your bottom line

Achieve IT/Business Alignment with Dynatrace

Dynatrace lets you see your customers’ journey through their eyes, so you can deliver the best possible experience. Learn how both business and IT teams at Singtel leverage Dynatrace for insight into site performance as well as how performance is impacting end users.

Sanjib Biswas, Senior Manager, Regional Online Operations at Singtel, explains how digital performance meets business intelligence and how both business and IT teams are optimizing end user experiences with Dynatrace.

Resolve customer experience issues proactively

Dynatrace monitors all the components underpinning the user journey for a complete view of the customer experience.

  • Full visibility of customer experience across every digital transaction
  • Insight into business impact of performance issues
  • Gapless insight - mapping the entire user journey, not just bits and pieces

Dynatrace is the only vendor that can extract data from the backend for real-business intelligence

  • Full stack monitoring from the front end to the back end
  • Support multiple generations of application technology that co-exits and works together
  • Complete observability across all tiers

Get to the root cause in seconds

Dynatrace is the best in class for finding and resolving problems fast, all the way down to the code level.

  • Dynatrace learns how your application environment performs and proactively detects anomalies
  • No more war rooms, artificial intelligence technology tells you where and why applications break down
  • With trillions of events analyzed each day, Dynatrace can pinpoint down to individual lines of code

Excel in customer complaint resolution

All user click-paths are captured as sessions and aggregated for behavior analysis and fast complaint resolution.

  • Replay individual customer transactions for rapid problem handling.
  • Pinpoint issues and drill down to their root-causes.
  • Proactively contact customers when things go wrong and prevent poor app ratings.
Drill down into any customer journey.
Dynatrace presents key findings automatically within interactive infographics.

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