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Critical government decisions affect the intersection of technology advancement and human needs. Hear how prominent influencers are leveraging technology to solve complex challenges while also meeting the needs of today's modern world.

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About us

Join agency experts and practitioners to discuss the latest innovations, technology, and software streamlining the way government gets things done, including:

  • Updates

Updates to important initiatives like FedRAMP and more

  • World

Innovatons improving the lives of warfighters and citizens

  • Insights

Views and insights on how tech can solve complex challenges

The latest episodes

Episode 1

Knowing the Unknown, With Andrey Zhuk

When you have billions of data dependencies and one goes amiss, how do you find the issue?

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Episode 2

The Marvel of Risk, With General Stan McChrystal

Risk taking is unavoidable when it comes to modernization. Best selling author and retired four-star U.S. general Stan McChrystal outlines 10 control factors to help citizens and agencies alike take smarter risks.

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Episode 3

Beans, Band-Aids, and Bullets: How Your Data Can Work for You

Listen in as Carolyn and Willie find out the true power of data. Sean Applegate, CTO of SwishData, explains how data can be utilized across an entire mission to empower the warfighter.

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Episode 4

Best Practices, Better Experiences, With Jonathan Alboum

What matters most when it comes to providing the better experiences for our citizens? Listen as Jonathan Alboum of ServiceNow outlines the importance of preventing information from getting lost in the sea of data.

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Episode 5

DevOps: Pushed by Circumstance or Pulled by a Dream, with Tracy Bannon

Tracy Bannon Senior Principal / Software Architect & DevOps Strategic Advisor at MITRE and ambassador for the DevOps Institute talks through the original DevOps timeline. Join as Carolyn and guest host Steve Mazzuca find out what happens when Dev fraternizes with Ops.

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Episode 6

United by The Mission, With Troy Schneider

The U.S. Government is leveraging technology to improve and accelerate the citizen experience. Listen as Carolyn and Mark learn more about the ecosystem of the mission from Troy Schneider, Editor-in-Chief of FCW and General manager of GCN.

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Episode 7

Racing! Crossover Episode with Break/Fix: The Gran Touring Motorsports Podcast

On this crossover episode Carolyn and Mark learn about the power of racing. Eric Monterastelli, Public Sector SE at Dynatrace and host of Break/Fix: The Gran Touring Motorsports Podcast, joins the Tech Transforms team to talk about where the rubber meets the road in government technology.

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Episode 8

Autonomy of the Moon, with Mary Hagy

Mary Hagy went from serving in the U.S. Army, to showing our future generations that the sky is not the limit. Carolyn is joined by guest host Eric Monterastelli to learn about Moon Mark's mission and have imagination personified in Mary Hagy.

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Episode 9

A Culture Built on Moxie with Tracy Bannon

Building a culture starts with communication and a willingness to change. Tracy Bannon Senior Principal / Software Architect & DevOps Strategic Advisor at MITRE and ambassador for the DevOps Institute talks with Carolyn and Mark about her recent event #StraightTalk4Gov hosted by the DevOps Institute. Listen as Tracy outlines ways to create a culture of comfortability in the government technology workspace.

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Episode 10

What AI Is, and What it Is Not with Willie Hicks

AI capabilities range from providing on-the-ground safety for US soldiers, to removing the time delay of the Mars drone. But what misconceptions are there about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Join as Carolyn and Mark welcome Willie Hicks Public Sector CTO at Dynatrace on to debunk myths and confirm beliefs about the power of AI.

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Episode 11

Strategize a Secure Foundation with Lonye Ford

When it comes to industry and government technology, who is the glue that holds it all together? Lonye Ford joins Carolyn and Mark to give her insight on roles and responsibilities within the cybersecurity field. From Lonye's time at the U.S. Air Force help desk, to her current role of CEO at Arlo Solutions, she offers a unique perspective on cybersecurity career path. #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth

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Episode 12

Kessel Run: Originally Chartered to Create Culture Change, with Captain Jazmin Furtado US SpaceForce

Find out how the DoD's Kessel Run Office is digitalizing longtime manual processes through AI, taking the military to the next level of its digital transformation. Listen as Captain Jazmin Furtado talks about her experience with Kessel Run, and now Space Force, spreading a culture of data driven communication.

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Episode 13

Technology lessons from the Smithsonian with Rayvn Manuel

Senior application developer at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and Army veteran Rayvn Manuel explains why her job is the best job. From serving our country as a soldier, to serving our history through dynamic storytelling, Rayvn has a passion for development that shows in her work. Listen in as Carolyn and Mark learn about the innovative technology behind the newest addition to the Smithsonian.

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Meet the hosts

Carolyn Ford

Carolyn Ford

Carolyn Ford is passionate about connecting with people to hear how the power of technology is impacting their lives and how they are using technology to shape our world. She has worked in high tech and cybersecurity for Government for over 15 years. Prior to co-hosting Tech Transforms Carolyn launched and hosted the award winning To The Point Cybersecurity podcast.


Mark Senell

Mark Senell

Mark is Vice President of Federal at Dynatrace, where he runs the Federal business and has built out the growth and expansion of the Federal sales team providing unparalleled observability, automation, and intelligence all in one platform. Prior to joining Dynatrace, Mark held senior executive sales positions at IBM, Forcepoint, and Raytheon. Mark has spent the last twenty years supporting the Federal mission across customers in the U.S. Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Civilian Federal agencies. In his spare time, Mark is an avid golfer and college basketball enthusiast. Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia.


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