Emergency license key request

An emergency license enables you to avoid potentially lengthy disruptions of Dynatrace services by providing a short-term solution to address security violations that would otherwise disable products. Emergency licenses are available for 7 to 14 days only. Instructions for obtaining an emergency license for your product are listed below. For additional assistance, please open a Licensing support ticket at https://support.dynatrace.com/supportportal.

NAM & legacy products DLM emergency license

To obtain a NAM and legacy products emergency license, click this link and select Save File to save the emergency license file to your machine. Add the license to the DLM either locally or on your license server, then restart DLM and product services.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring, UEM emergency license & NAM (eServices)

To obtain a Dynatrace Application Monitoring, UEM emergency license and NAM (eServices), go to Dynatrace eServices. Open your current license file and select Create Emergency License from the Actions menu.

Instructions to apply a Dynatrace Application Monitoring z/OS Emergency License are provided below. For more details, refer to the licensing documentation for your Dynatrace Application Monitoring & UEM release.

z/OS 6.2 and below emergency licenses

This release is unsupported. Please upgrade to a supported release. Please note Support Levels and End of Life Policy here.

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